Organization Name: Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness
Title of Project: Hearts for Health Project
Amount of Grant Awarded: $50,000
Organization Website:
Impact of Grant:

We want to thank you for your support in this capital campaign.

Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness served 473 unique individuals since the Hearts for Health Integrated Care Center opened on October 4, 2021. Even in our short time of operation in this new facility, the populations we serve have shared:

  • The whole building is calming and soothing.
  • The therapy rooms are welcoming and comfortable.
  • No one knows why I am coming here and this provides more anonymity in receiving mental health and substance use disorder services in a small town.
  • They can’t wait for more cooking classes to begin in the teaching kitchen.
  • It is a relief to know all of their appointments with their care team are in one location.

Basically, this new facility is already increasing client satisfaction in receiving services with us. For so long, we provided care in old facilities that did not have soundproofing for privacy and furnishing that reflected our values of a welcoming and safe place. We now have a facility that reflects our values toward care. It is also meeting our goal of de-stigmatizing mental health and substance use treatment in our community because no one knows why you are at the facility. Clients that are happy to come to their appointments are clients who will keep their appointments and be more engaged in their treatment plans.