LCVHF 2023 Board Members

Photo taken at the LCVHF Grant Award Celebration, December 14, 2023.

From front row left to right: Joe Travis (Chairman), Sister Pat Rosholt, Sarah Reaves.

Back row left to right: Sheila McDougal, Kathryn Dahmen, Mark Havens,  Helen Brown (Vice Chair), Joan Agee, Mike Collins.

Missing: Eric Petersen (Secretary), Dr. John Rusche.

Board of Community Advisors Member Roster

  • Joe Travis, Chairman
  • Helen Brown, Vice Chair
  • Eric Petersen, Secretary
  • Joan Agee
  • Mike Collins
  • Kathryn Dahmen
  • Mark Havens
  • Nicolas Powers
  • Sarah Reaves
  • Sister Pat Rosholt
  • Kevin Ruddell
  • Dr. John Rusche