Organization Name: Camas Prairie Food Bank
Title of Project: Building Fund
Amount of Grant Awarded: $75,000
Organization Website:
Impact of Grant: I can tell you a story that happened at Christmas time. A local person (who wishes to remain anonymous) donated some food to the Food Bank. While they were here delivering several boxes of food they found out about a client with several children who came in for food and was inquiring if we knew of anyone who could help them with some car problems. The person that had donated the food wanted to help the client out, so the client was sent over to Lew Schwab’s to get the problem with the car fixed. While the car was being repaired it was noticed that the tires were in pretty bad shape so the benefactor bought tires for the car also. The benefactor a long time citizen of Grangeville, but was new to helping the Food Bank and was very generous.